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Fundamental Algorithmics is a core subject of the Specialty in Computing belonging to the Computer Science Degree. It is given in the 6th semester of the degree.

This is the first subject in the Specialty and it deals with the design of correct and efficient algorithms based on using a reusable set of conceptual schemes.

Algorithmics is concerned with the study of Algorithms. A big pool of possible algorithmic approaches are commonly available when we are about to start solving a problem. This way, it is important to make a good choice. That is, according to our priorities and limitations of the computer available, it could be necessary to choose the quickest algorithm, or the one using less memory, or even the simplest one from the point of view of programming, among other criteria. The answer can depend on several factors, such as the data involved, the way the problem is presented, the speed and memory of the computer, and so on… It can also happen that none of the algorithms available fulfills the requirements imposed, and then a new algorithm should be design on our own.

Algorithmics can be understood as a science which allows us to evaluate the effects of these external factors on the available algorithms, such that it can provide useful criteria for choosing the right one according to our specific requirements. In addition, Algorithmics is a science which provides criteria about the way of desinging a new algorithm for a specific task. Thus, designing efficient algorithms for solving problems can be an amazing challenge. El reto de diseñar algoritmos eficientes para resolver problemas puede resultar apasionante. In this subject efficient algorithmic techinques are presented so that to provide the basis for solving a wide range of problems smartly.

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